Celebrating a truly iconic piece of footwear, the suede, Puma last night hosted Sydney’s fashion elite at a party not soon to be forgotten. In honour of 50 years of service the brands most iconic shoe played host to fashionistas from Australia’s “it city” as it showed off it’s versatility as well as a very cool new editorially shot range of images taken from right here in Australia. Coming in a range of colour ways the cult-favourite piece has proved its worth – lasting the test of time and becoming the sporting retail giants most recognisable piece. After it’s start in the 20’s the German sports brand has become synonymous with style, power and elite products and this shoe is no different, offering men and women a classically styled piece that is modernly timeless, effortlessly chic and a piece you shouldn’t live without.

From plain blacks and whites to blues, greens, yellows and reds the piece is a staple in most fashionable peoples wardrobes and theres no secret why. The ultra-comfortable, dress-up / dress-down piece is the piece you can wear no matter your style. The piece changed urban footwear forever and made feeling good as important as looking good. With endorsements from basketballers off-duty and trackstars pre-game the piece became one every 90s kid (and 90s kid at heart) wanted in their wardrobe and by the early 90s b-boys and girls, hip-hoppers and the fashionable crowd clicked on to the pieces and its legacy just built from their. The iconic uuede upper and perforated midfoot mix together into a shoe with a premium look and feel.

If you missed out on attending Puma‘s 50 years celebration then take a look below at some of my favourite pictures from the night that was. Make sure to get yourself a pair of these incredible shoes as the 90s revival happens and see for yourself why millions across the world are super happy they decided to get themselves a pair of Puma suedes, the only question now is which one to get?