Putting us to the test new mens haircare brand Mr Hawke challenged me to use their styling product in a shoot and see if it is as photoshoot ready as I am. Anyone that has shot with me will tell you that I am a perfectionist and I like things to go my way, especially on set, so while I had initial thoughts about how the shoot would go I put them to the test during my shoot with model Will Heales last week and I have to say the results speak for themselves..

After arriving on set and receiving the product the first thing I noticed was how cool the box looked I have to admit it won me over but I was ready to see if it worked as good as it looked. I pulled the masculinely thick fixed band off of the smooth black tub excitedly and got ready to let the groomer go to work. I set the groomer the challenge of making Will’s hair look natural but photoshoot ready and as he opened the tub and I inspected the product for myself I new we’d be able to achieve it. I was surprised by the aroma of the product, it was fresh and smelt delightful, but it was new and unlike anything I’d worked with before. I later learnt was made from tobacco, leather and diesel which not only kept it smelling great but working well also. As he applied the product through the hair I waited to see if it faltered and was surprised that it didn’t, not even a little, the whole way through. By this stage I knew something had to go wrong, surely it couldn’t be this easy, so I inspected it myself. I messed it up a little and even ran a comb through it but the product surprisingly just kept on doing it’s thing and kept the hair looking expensive.

I guess I don’t need to tell you how the rest of the shoot went, the hair looked great and look after look it held tight much to my delight. If you haven’t yet seen the Mr Hawke product for yourself then I suggest you do and you know what don’t take my word for it try it yourself and let me know your thoughts, “you’re welcome” in advance. Check out for yourself below just how well the product looks and yes I’ll say it, it’s up to the challenge!

Photos by Trent Pace.