After selling out shows globally, launching their own record label and collaborating with a range of musical idols British pop-rock band The Vamps have finally brought their Middle of the Night world tour down under to tour Australia and New Zealand. Celebrating their 3rd studio album, Night & Day, this tour brings us a first-time look into this two-part album as well as the lives of the four young and talented Brits who have over the last almost 5 years worked their way into our hearts.

Collaborating with the likes of global phenomenons like Demi Lovato & Sean Mendes the band continues to show us they have come a long way since the release of Can We Dance by fusing together vocals, genres and even adapting new and developing instruments to their unique style. With multiple sell-out shows on tour and a range of hits the band didn’t disappoint and from the moment they hit the first chord it was clear to see that they would leave everything they had on that stage by the end of the night. Playing old favourites like Wild Heart, Last Night & Somebody To You amongst new favourites like Middle of the Night & All Night the quartet had fans hanging on their every note, singing and dancing along as if every word was made just for it.

If you’re yet to see The Vamps perform on tour then I highly recommend it. With a unique take on modern pop-rock and their cool London style the youngsters charmed their way through their set giving fans everything they needed to last until they again return.