Bringing together an eclectic collection of outdoor interactive art installations through art and light, food and fashion is Lightscape the joint effort of Chatswood locals for this years Vivid festival. With a range of see’s and do’s, not to mention eat’s and drink’s, for the whole family this years initiative brings to life the streets of Chatswood’s shopping precinct in a light show that is for and by the people. As one of Sydney’s premiere free events this eye opening art venture allows people of all ages to interact with art and understand the artist behind the creation. From the weird and wonderful to the captivating and capturing the annual exhibition draws many to it’s shores and this year is no different.

Boasting 11 different exhibitions from Chatswood Interchange through the connecting streets of Westfield Sydney and into Chatswood place this mile long exhibition only strengthens the deep rooted love for culture Sydney has and while it’s main focus is to entertain and showcase the new and wonderful theres a few things that make this years event special. Crank Zappa the jellyfish, made from recycled materials found in the local bay, and The Octopoda Returns, a musical marvel with eight tentacles attached to drums kids of all ages can have fun with lead the charge in the art sector while Liquid Lies, managed by a nutty professor, and Black Star Pastry, home of the mouthwatering Dragonfruit / Watermelon cake star amongst a range of street-styled food and beverage vendors. The sky portal returns for another year which transports your image onto a background screen and Future scape offers you a look at a journey into the world we live in while it projects itself across the modern library building.

If you haven’t yet ventured down to Chatswood during Vivid then what are you waiting for? This fun filled night is perfect for people of all ages and gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself amongst the art and enjoy a night-out that has something for everyone. Take a look below at some of my attractions on display throughout the festival, I can’t wait to see which are your favourites!