Filled with love, hope, passion and heart-break the movie that stole our hearts in now a musical that is breaking records and since it’s debut on Broadway the 1950’s classic West Side Story has seen millions of devoted fans turn out in scores to see just what the adaptation is like, and after seeing opening night for myself last night I can tell you you won’t be disappointed! The young and talented Australian cast brought to life the “greatest Broadway musical of all time” and as the timeless masterpiece played out it was clear to see that the modern day Romeo & Juliet typed love story still very much held a place in our hearts!

Telling the tragically masterful story of the Jets and the Sharks the story develops itself into a story about immigration and perception vs reality as it simultaneously gives us a love story that broke boundaries. From Puerto Rico to America the story follows a group of young kids in the urban New York jungle as they struggle to come to terms with the cultures and customs of their new country. Proving this iconic dance musical remains one of the most poignant stage works of the twentieth century the story develops into a fun-filled night and you can’t help but be on the edge of your seat while wanting to burst into dance at any moment – especially during the shows hits, from “Somewhere” and “Tonight” to “I Feel Pretty” and “America” you’ll find yourself singing and dancing along with the cast, even if you don’t want to be.

If you haven’t yet checked out West Side Story for yourself then I suggest you do so immediately! You can check out some of my favourite moments from opening night below but I urge. you to see this limited run for yourself while you can!