As the sun was rising on 2017 and the year was slowly finding its way I woke up with a raspy throat, a hangover that would make alcoholics jealous & my body sore from dancing the night away but I was determined to get the year started right and the only way to do that was to eat cake.

I’m sure it’s no surprise to anyone that the secret to a good New Year’s plan involves a killer New Year’s Day party but what you may not yet know is the elegant boutique festival and the New Year’s Day must-do Let Them Eat Cake.

As I made my way up to the picturesque mansion of Werribee Park the amazing sounds that echoed through the trees and the smell of freshly made delights filled my senses with joy. As I joined the revelers who were also starting their New Year’s celebrations (and some who just wanted to continue the partying from the night before) the one thing that captured my attention was the beautifully unique fashions.

As I made my way throughout the festival grounds it was clear that the festival prides itself on their unique attention to detail for the arts of hedonism. The beautifully crafted stages and art installations teamed with the placement of every little thing would have made Woodstock proud. Everywhere I ventured there seemed to be something new and exciting to eat, see or do leaving me completely satisfied and in awe of just how much was done to ensure my happiness.

The melodic sounds of the New Year filled the air as people filled the grounds all over Werribee Park. It was nice to see people from all different walks truly enjoy themselves at the art they were surrounded by. Whether they were on display through their outfits and glitter, taking photos in-front of the curated artworks or just enjoying the scenic views that only Werribee Park Mansion has it was clear that this “Bush-Doof” was much more sophisticated then your average artsy festival.

If you haven’t yet tried it out do yourself a favor and plan your start to your New Years right. If you have the time and care for the experience next year meet me at the mansion.

Photos by Duncographic