Presenting an exciting and immersive theatre production the Kings Cross Hotel in collaboration with bAKEHOUSE theatre company offer an updated and extended version of their smash hit show Visiting Hours. Following on from their sell-out 2016 season at Vivid Sydney the mind-bending experience sees the story of the five-story hotel reimagined as an off-the-grid medical facility run by a mysterious figure known only as the doctor. Ensuring that every audience member leaves with an entirely unique experience the showcase moves from fun to trip, and back again, as the night progresses. Elevated by breakout moments the masterful production will have you participating in the unconventional therapies and experiments that the doctor sees necessary allowing you the unique chance to take part in his world.

Connecting with the rich history of the cross the character of the doctor is inspired by a larger-than-life, gun-toting physician who treated Kings Cross residents throughout the 1930s. As infamous as the place itself this reworked untraditional love story allows a look-in to the crazy beautiful world of the talented and wondrous creatures that call this place home through a jam packed work that is inclusive and thought provoking. Featuring a team of over 20 actors, singers and musicians in a work that blends music, performance, lighting and sound with a design that exploits the unique architecture of the Kings Cross Hotel this piece is sure to inspire and leave you suspended, ready for part two.

If you haven’t yet seen the incredible piece of work that is Visiting Hours then I challenge you to head in and see the marvellous interactive show for yourself. Take a look below at some of my favourite moments from my experience at the show and once you’ve made it through I look forward to hearing what your favourite moments were.