Following on from a completely sold-out UK tour the “frustrated” news reporter Johnathan Pie makes his Australian debut to highly anticipated crowds all over the country with his show Back To The Studio, and yes he’s angrier than ever! As you begin on the ride with the whit-filled comedian you immediately know you are in for a night of political comedy that soon descends into chaos. Attempting to host a night of serious discussions on current affairs whilst simultaneously attempting to smash the system from within we are abruptly told that nothing is off limits and from Brexit to Trump to religion and across a range of other geo-political issues we see the finest form of political satire we’ve been privy to in a long time.

While his unguarded off-camera rants and viral videos are what Australian audiences, and millions worldwide, will know the clever comedian for his show explores in depth a range of issues and shows you that even through the toughest of times laughing is the best medicine. After bringing the character to life in 2015 fans globally can not get enough of the funnyman and with a range of radio, television and viral videos under his belt its no wonder that his live shows slay crowds no matter where he goes. As the funnyman moved through a range of issues, while taking a stab at a few funny Australian political issues, the crowd couldn’t help but laugh, cry and gasp along with him.

If you’re yet to see just why the funnyman has millions of views on his online videos, fans that span the globe or is recommended by people of all ages then don’t wait any longer. Make sure you catch Jonathan Pie anywhere you can I assure you Back To The Studio is not a sow you want to have missed!