This week I got to achieve a career highlight as I styled the 2019 resort collection for Justin Cassin in his showcase at MBFWA. The highly anticipated show was a big job, I’m not going lie and with 30 models I had my work cut out for me but I have to tell you I enjoyed every second of it, from the tailoring day at fittings to the anxious seconds before the first model walked I had a blast getting to work with the talented Sydney designer who’s attention to detail and highly sort after designs are at the top of the Australian menswear food-chain.

I knew ahead of time that we would be showcasing a first-look at his newly designed swimwear but for me the biggest job was making sure we accurately showcased the vast collection in 30 looks so that those in attendance and those watching walked away with a sense of where this range would and could be seen. Bringing my street/grunge aesthetic I wanted to elevate the street meets luxe range to show the fashionable crowd that it’s okay to look polished differently. While remembering  that it was a resort collection, and the heritage of that trans-seasonal season, I wanted to take the collection out of an inspired location and place it with the young, fun and fashionable man wherever he may be headed.

From suiting to traditional resort wear the collection featured a muted palette of blues and greens amongst staple blacks, whites and navy’s while offering pops of colour with orange’s and salmon’s that allowed the modern man to see how this range could fit into his life. With layered looks we showed that this range, while resort could be worn everyday and we offered looks for every man in every occasion. The swimwear was a special passion project that we had a lot of fun styling. From traditional briefs reworked to Italian inspired cuts the 8 piece capsule collection allows another avenue for the designer to showcase his brilliant designs.

Take a look below at my day, from start to finish, behind the scenes as I get to style the 2019 resort collection by Justin Cassin at this years MBFWA captured by the amazing Jayden Ostwald. A big thank you to each of the sponsors and to all of the models, dressers, hair and grooming teams who made my vision come to life and also to Joanne and Justin who believed in me from the beginning!

Photography by Jayden Ostwald.

Styling by Jamie Azzopardi.

Clothes by Justin Cassin.

Shoes by Double Oak Mills stocked at The Iconic.

Grooming by Lancome & Redken.

Production by Lara Inc Events.

Models Ace Diniz, Ben Newmarch, Callum Fernie, Caspar Thomas, Chad Hurst, Christian Wilkins, Emanuel, Evan EvagoraFrancis Kamara, Guy Richards, Jake Cassar, Joey, Jojo Amaah, Josh Heuston, Justin Bernstein, Konstantin, Marley Grace, Matthew ErikssonMatt Jackson, Mitch Smith, Nicholas Tarasenko, Niek van der Schans, Richie Hall, Tate Morrison, Tate Short, Tim Tseng & Will Devries from Chadwick Models, Debút Management, FiveTwenty Management, IMG, Kult Models & The Mgmt.