For the first time ever the South Australian born & bred Porch Sessions have decided to take their summer series on the road hitting up backyards from Adelaide to Sydney. Having been to one of their famous backyard do’s in my time I was excited to see just how the production would do around the country.

Walking into the backyard area past the convoy of artist trucks, musical instruments and an array of chairs, blankets and and cushions I couldn’t help but feel the warm sense of family that filled the air. The decadently placed umbrellas, flags, streamers and embellishments only helped to heighten my senses as it began to feel more and more like a friend throwing a backyard party then a summer day festival.

As the music started and filled the air with soothing rhythmic tunes people began to gather and watch. I took my seat on a cushion placed on the refreshingly cool grass and began to drift away in the summer air. It was so peaceful to see the crowd of people sitting with me just relaxing and enjoying the music.

One of my favourite things about Porch Sessions is the relaxed BYO atmosphere that meant that no-one had to cue for food and drinks you just brought your own, keeping inline with the original  backyard party values. I stuck my hand into the array of things in my picnic basket and as I began to eat my crackers and dip I took a moment to appreciate the beautiful serenity that was the atmosphere I was in.

As the night went on and the blanket began to cover more and more of my body I realised how peaceful my summer nights could be. In the crazy few months that is summer it was so nice to sit and enjoy a peaceful event that celebrated everything the arts culture should emulate. As the last of the gin was drunk, and the crackers eaten I found myself taken on a fun journey into the night by the melodic sounds of the musicians playing and I grew ever more comfortable to lay on the grass and let them sing me to sleep.

If you’re one of the few that is yet to experience the magical Porch Sessions make sure you book yourself in to a show near you. I can tell you first hand those South Australians know just how to throw one hell of a yard party. Hopefully i’ll see you by the porch sometime soon.

Photos by Jack Fenby.