Last week I was lucky enough to head to the 2018 Logie Awards in the Gold Coast to style clients for the event and my beauty team were treated as they got to work with expertly created skin products from the beauty company Supple Skin Co as they got the stars ready for the red carpet and awards ceremony. I have to say we usually don’t partner with a company when it comes to beauty and award shows as there is so much variation in skin colour and skin types for the people we need to groom that on day we are focussed solely on getting a ton on work created with no room for error but after doing some research on the organic and plant based brand we decided that their new product, the Skin Dew Drops, would not only work for every skin type and colour but also enhance the skin and help create flawless looks that were sure to go virally as images of BTS at the awards were leaked.

Formulated for oily and acne prone skin the drops are actually magical on all skin types allowing the skin to be hydrated without oiliness which served as a great way to pamper the face before applying the makeup to each individual. The therapeutic remedy consists of 100% pure natural concentrated vitamins and works as an all rounder so you can ditch everything but your cleanser which made our job a lot easier as we now had more time to focus on getting the looks we needed done right. With zero fillers and nasties we were assured the product would work for everybody and as look after look was created we were seeing flawless results with great feedback!

The products 5 oils helped soothe, rejuvenate and prepare the skin and as each face it was applied to began to offer feedback we were pleased to hear how relaxing and fresh each of our clients felt so after we sent the stars to the carpet I did a little research with my team about just why this product worked so well and we found that it was all in the make up (no pun intended)! Organic Hemp oil made sure there were no clogged pores and that their was a perfect balance fo oily and dry skins while regenerating and soothing and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Organic carrot seed worked as an anti-ageing serum while lightening the skin’s pigmentation and offering a natural SPF. Lavender pure essential oil penetrated the pores and killed the bacteria while preventing further breakouts and healing current sores or scars it also aided in the reduction of redness. Frankincense Pure essential oil works to tone and firm the skin while fading and reducing scars, sort of like the fountain of youth and Tea Tree Pure essential oil worked as a natural antiseptic while preventing and reducing acne.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift fro your partner or the perfect secret weapon for your face then look no further Supple Skin Co‘s Skin Dew Drops are the perfect remedy for any face and will have you glowing in no time for your day, that special date or even an awards red carpet! If you’re yet to see the product then head here (where you can buy yourself the product for just $39) or take a look below as we got model and youtuber Hope Ellen ready for her big appearance.

Photography by Jayden Ostwald

Makeup by Kristal Garcia