Bianca Spender‘s “Unbiased” 2019 resort collection shown at this years MBFWA was just that, a true indication that she knew the women she designed for and kept her in mind while giving her multiple options to wear throughout her busy and exciting life. Offering an option for every day, and every occasion the colourful collection showed us what a designer could do when they put their effort into understanding the woman that wears their product. From gowns to dresses and even pants and tops the always elegant and timeless designs really created a spectacle and won the hearts of those in attendance.

Coral blues and greens mixed with rich browns and oranges as staple whites and blacks intermixed intermittently. A range of below the knee dresses to gowns showed us exactly who this powerful women was and where she’d be wearing these pieces while tailored tops and flowing bottoms allowed us to envision this woman and her hard day at the office followed by a restful afternoon of cocktails and gossip. From the sands of Cancun to the shopping trips in the Middle East these pieces will keep you looking chic and modern as well as allowing you to exude that high-class woman you know you are.

Take a look below at some of my favourite pieces and looks from Bianca Spender’s resort showcase at this years MBFWA before you get to wear it this holiday season. If you have so far missed out on the the talented designers collections then now is a great time to tune in. Make sure you check out the talented designer online and head to her website to shop the look.