This week online retail giant The Iconic asked if I would be one of the selected bloggers for the 7th birthday campaign and I was thrilled to join a host of other incredible talents to celebrate a brand that shares my love of fashion with the world. The campaign was 7 bloggers, whom all were in the fashion world, as we were challenged to find seven items of clothing that summed up our style and that were wardrobe must-haves in a piece they called the seven wonders of the wardrobe. For those who know me well you’ll know I am a serial street kid whom loves that 90s revival look. With me simplicity is elegance and I tend to wear basic tones (black, white, grey and denim) with splashes of colour so this was a chance for me to chat through my outfit choices and explain just why I wear what I do.

My seven items were easily chosen and as I sifted through the amazing range of clothes the online mammoth had to offer I found myself aligning with a very street look that both summed up my style and offered viewers a great base look to work with and play up or down depending on their style. Starting with a plain black pair of jeans (the #1 wardrobe must have no matter what your style is – and yes I picked Cheap Monday’s, they’re a staple also) I started to look at things you couldn’t live without. I opted for a printed jumper that allowed you to layer it, in this case I picked one from the new Champion Range, it was the perfect piece for any traveller and creatives to nestle in when needed. After that I turned my focus to choosing a windbreaker, I am a Melbournian after all – and I couldn’t go past this perfect Tommy Hilfiger piece, the perfect piece for late nights and dressy enough to go out in while being casual enough for everyday wear. I thought about tees I wear everyday and though Im usually a basics man I do love a printed tee and I think it’s a permanent staple for all people of all styles, the one I chose was a P.E. Nation piece that went with my look while also offering versatility. Shoes were next and this is where I struggled the most. For me it’s about 50% comfort and 50% style so I opted for two of my favs – heritage brands runners, and in my opinion these Air Max’s from Nike were the perfect choice, and Dr Marten’s classically iconic 8 eyelet boots for every 90s kid, and yes if you know me you know I love my boots! The final piece for me was an easy one, the finishing accessory – sunglasses – and who can go past a pair of Ray-Ban aviators?

If you haven’t yet seen my seven wonders of the wardrobe choices then click here and it’ll direct you to The Iconic‘s page where you can see what I and the other 6 ambassadors chose. Take a look at my day on set below with a behind-the-scenes look at some of my favourite moments, including some while shooting the promo imagery and video!

Photographs by Georgina Solomon.