After a stellar couple of years at the top with sell out shows across the globe and hit after catchy hit featuring some of the worlds best musicians topping the charts all over (not to mention those film clips with the squad) it came as no surprise that walking into Taylor Swift’s Melbourne concert last night was only going to happen with scores of other Swifties ready to see her perform. The country turned pop songstress took to the stage following supporting acts Broods & Charlie XCX and as she began to sing the hoards of fans screamed so loud that even dogs thought the noise was too high-pitched! With a quick medley to start us off the wildly successful performer began to confess her love for Australia and as she retold her stories of reputations we began on a journey where we’d laugh, hate and love along with her. 

After addressing her visions for the show and explaining her reasoning for giving every member of the audience a pulse generated flashing armband (she wanted to see each person in the crowd no matter where there were – yep, I swooned too)  she made her way through her impressive catalogue of tunes and proved just why she is touring act of the year infant of our very eyes. Leaving thing but love, sweat, tears and heartbreak on the floor the performer wowed crowds as she floated above them, ran through them and even serenaded them with acoustic versions before performing a very special rendition of Shake It Off with her support acts. Saving her best, and newest, for last she finished with a bang and as she took her time to say goodbye it was clear no-one wanted it to end. 

If you missed out on seeing Taylor Swift’s sold out reputation tour then I can tell you you should be kicking yourself! I’m fortunate enough to of seen a lot of artists live but I do have to say that this was up their as a contender for the best. Her hard work, dedication and attention to every artistic detail wowed me on top of her phenomenal voice and truly commanding stage presence which had you singing and dancing long after she left the stage. No doubt she will be back soon and I can’t wait to see what she does next… Hopefully you’ll be there to join me for a dance?