As you may know by now I am a huge lover of taking photos, while I’m often in a photo for my blog or instagram I really do have a passion for getting behind the camera also. In the words of a famous philosopher “memories end but photographs are forever” so this summer my friends at Sony gave me one of their new RX100M5 cameras and challenged me to get behind the lense and capture my summer! With a string of festival dates on the cards, a looming New Years ahead and an array of beach/pool parties and birthdays to attend I challenged myself to make sure I captured every moment and I have to say my new camera made it very easy for me to do just that.

After opening the package and working my way through a trial of the compact unit I noticed that the offering it had was quite unique and as I used it more and more the better it became. From it’s sleek style and convenient size to the remarkable images and video content it took I started to find myself opting to use the camera over my phone on a daily basis and from the beach to the party it became my ultimate summer essential. It’s renowned features enabled me to capture every moment seamlessly and in a unique way it allowed me to see a different point of view than I normally would.

While the camera is small the quality of the imagery far surpassed that of my normal DSLR and it’s lightning fast auto-focus proved it’s worth giving me the edge I wanted in just 0.05 seconds. It’s burst capabilities also gave me options when capturing moments in sequence and the 20.1MP image sensor really helped offer premium image quality you simply struggle to get elsewhere. I also found it supreme in video quality, filming in 4K a high-resolution image that even allowed me to capture super slow motion (up to 1,000 fps) and with it’s 180 degree flip screen I found myself self-recording a lot more than I’d usually do. But the best part for me was it’s in built wi-fi and NFC that allowed me to capture and share from my camera to my phone in an instant so I could upload everything with a swift movement, so you guys could enjoy every moment as well.

Take a look below at my first days with my new Sony RX100M5 as I work my way through this amazing camera’s multiple uses and don’t forget to check out my insta post today where I’ll also be uploading a bunch of images I took with it as a behind-the-scenes look to my summer!