Based on their hugely popular iPhone X case collection Mujjo has created a capsule collection of cases that simply turns your phone case into a wallet. A simple, yet brilliant idea brought to life that makes your busy day easier by taking two things you can’t live without and making them one.  Known for complementing the iPhone’s iconic design without being distracting or ostentatious the  superior craftsmanship of this capsule collection both makes it durable and heavily sort after.

Lined with a beautiful Japanese satin-like microfibre the simplistic full-grain leather pouch exudes immaculate craftsmanship. Offering protection from everyday knocks and bumps isn’t easy but this case does it with ease and adds a warmer and grippier feel leaving you feeling more secure in its ability while it offers you a place for your valuables right with your phone. Staying true to the phones silhouette the beautifully designed work offers a premium case that not only looks luxurious but feels and is luxurious.

If you haven’t yet seen the iPhone X wallet range by accessories brand Mujjo then wait no longer. Take a first look at the sleek, chic and functional collection below and get yours now online to ensure your phone is safe, smart and functional in more ways than one.