This week I was lucky enough to dress Aussie actress and model, as well as leading lady in the new film Ladies In Black, Celia Massingham for two AACTA’s appearances at Sydney’s iconic The Star Casino. Her first appearance was at the industry luncheon filled with a body of her peers and fellow nominees and her second at the televised awards show itself where the stunning beauty would not only attend but co-present an award. After chatting with the Brisbane native we decided to keep within her usual method of edginess but elevate her looks with a dash of tailoring to give her a sophisticated chicness that I think faired quite well for her. 

Her first look was a structured two piece pant suit in a deep blue that was left bare at the top to give you a glimpse of sexiness while strikingly offering you a look at a modern powerful woman. The Manning Cartell couture creation not only showcased exemplified sophistication but structured framework and detail through every part of the suit and from the tailored skinny leg to the seemingly masculine coat their wasn’t a person that she walked past who didn’t want to take her picture. Coming off a more masculine look we want to play to the actresses feminine strengths in the second look and so we went with a not-yet-released couture AJE tier gown that proved to be a show-stopper. Made in a basic beige colouring the nude hues allowed a freedom in pairing it with different shoes and bags and as Celia and I worked through accessories and talked about the final look it was clear that her second look would be as well received as her first. 

If you haven’t yet seen Celia Massingham’s stunning looks for this years AACTA Awards then take a look below at a glimpse of both appearances, we’re sure you’ll be as delighted as we are with them!