To celebrate the launch of the brands long awaited new phone, the Pixel, Google rounded up all of the coolest taste makers Australia has to offer and through one hell of a party, and boy was it not to be missed! After entering the space guests were treated to colourful cocktails and colourful patterned walls which played home to the largest dinner table you will ever see and in all-white outfits guests sat in anticipation for what was going to happen next!

After being welcomed into the space and eating the delicious first course we were really treated as the brand announced that while there was a quick delay in food it was because all guests would now be getting their new phone, over a week before it comes on the market, and as the team brought out each of the phones to the table the overjoy and excitement really spread. After changing all the necessary information over and updating accordingly we then ate our main meal before being lead into a very interesting final room.

As we entered the last room, filled with new cocktails, desserts and an array of visual experiences that showed off the phones new capabilities we were treated to out of this world photo opportunities in some of the brands most desired locations that helped show off each of the features the phone has to offer. From night-site in the starry room and against the neon streets to low-light on the beach, the amazing speaker wall showcasing the newly updated music system in the phone to the miniature gallery which showed off the new zoom function each stop was more fun than the last!

If you haven’t yet seen the launch dinner for the Google Pixel 4 then take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the night that was or head into store now and try out the amazing new phone for yourself, it’s available Toby as of October 22.