Known for her requisite couture and her supreme eye for detail Australian couture designer Julie Goodwin last night showcased her latest works in a runway that showed her incredibly talented works infant of Melbourne’s finest fashion minds. With whimsical detailing and and precision styling the aspirational pieces walked down the catwalk with ease and as look after look came out it was clear to see why this label has received the accolades it has. With stars of all genres flocking to the South Melbourne designer it’s no wonder the fabulously talented lay is in high demand and after seeing each of the capsuled collections walk it’s easy to see how they fit in to every occasion a woman would find herself in.

With decadent materials and cm perfect cuts and detailing the mainly neutral collection had surprises at every turn. From adventurous hem-lines to pops of colour the collection offered a unique and tasteful look at what women in the high-society of our elite wear on a daily basis. From cocktail dresses and smart separates to ball gowns and wedding dresses the collection told a story while it outlaid itself and as it walked, accompanied by a transient violinist, you couldn’t help but get lost in the worlds that these fantastically placed women would wear these garments too.

If you haven’t yet seen the beautiful collection that Julie Goodwin has put together then take a look below at some of my favourite pieces from the show that was or better yet take a look at the designers Instagram and see just how talented she is for yourself, and while you’re their see just what you could imagine yourself in, Julie’s always up for a challenge… Tell her I sent you I am sure she’d love to make you a couture piece for your collection!