With a string of number ones and a voice that is simply magical it’s not hard to see just why Sam Smith is everywhere you look these days. His hymns of unrequited love and angsty pop hits have dominated the charts and have become a constant in our musical history over the past couple of years and as he emerged in the middle of the stage from the trap door he was hiding under it was clear that he’s melodic vocals and sassy personality were going to join us on the rollercoaster that is his show. Starting his concert in silhouette the ballad singers soulful inflections emerged and as he continued through the beginning of his set the it was hard not to belt out every word with him, and too every lover that had done you wrong. As the beginning came to an end and he addressed the screaming cohorts that had waited a long time to hear him live he promised a show full of emotion and one where you would laugh, cry and dance, leaving you feeling good and feeling happy even if all of his songs were as he put it “f***ing depressing”.

As he settled back into the set and worked his way through his second album, with brief intermissions of iconic hits that we sang and danced along to, it began to be clear just how magical the moment was, watching a true icon share his most vulnerable moments for everyone to watch as they immaculately set him free from whatever pain he was feeling at the time. As each song passed and the crowd supportingly sang along in-time the masterful vocalist showcased his range with hits like Lay Me Down and Money On My Mind while taking us on a journey through his confusion with sexuality and faith in Him and Pray. He brakes his set briefly to talk the crowd through his mental health struggles and anxiety over the years explaining how he got to this point in his life and why music meant so much to him before turning the metaphorical page and releases the inner disco queen carrying on through a performance of his new hit Promises, where he commanded the crowd to get up and dance with him.After a costume change or two and an encore that left everyone hanging confetti rained down and the musician one final time gave us something to remember long after the finish was over with a rendition of Stay.

If you didn’t get to see Sam Smith on his tour I can tell you you don’t ever want to make that mistake again! The talented musician/singer-songwriter is truly a mastered gift that you will never get tired of. From the beginning to the end you are taken on a spiritual journey through emotions you may not even know you have and after a well thought out set of truly world-acclaimed music you are left feeling like you can take on the next day free of whatever burdens you, full of love and like you’d witnessed a miraculous heaven sent angelic gift that lets you work through your issues methodically, giving you new will and new powers you never new you had.