Extending their reach far beyond clothing, New Zealand brand Huffer teamed up with long time friend and acclaimed photographer Tom Gould for the Decade Exhibition earlier this month that was launched at Commune. Following on from his widespread global successes in writing original concepts for the likes of Joey Bada$$ and Future his work has been published and exhibited globally at MoMA, ICA and the British Film Institute and now to add to his long list of accomplishments this unique take on fashion x art is live for all to admire.

The exhibition celebrated the past 10 years of Gould living in New York, the worlds epicentre and allowed the acclaimed artist to captured 10 locals in the city of dreams, where many have come to make it big whether in film or on stage, in music or the arts. The infamous photography captures rapper Action Bronson, legendary producer the Alchemist, instagram sensation Kirsty Godso and a rang of other locals from around New York city that each wore Huffer in their own way. The work celebrates Huffer’s own appreciation for true locals, the people that make any town, street or city what it is and showcases a unique take on just how fashion is so different yet so the same.

Check out some of my favourite Tom Gould X Huffer images below from the decade exhibition featuring some of New Yorks most iconic characters and the fashion brands newest line of clothing. The exhibition is now live so if you happen to be in the vicinity of New York’s Commune then check it out and if you like any of the pieces shown they are also now available via Huffer’s website.