Burgers are well and truly an Australian tradition and chef Shannon Benett has made it his mission to bring the people what they want in his store Benny Burger’s. After thinking about the memories of his dad cooking the delicious treats and scouring through his love for food Shannon decided to open a place where sustainability was key and a locally sourced ingredient list was a must! Delighted in the incredible produce available right on our doorstep but dismayed by the poor quality cuisine peddled by fast food franchises the infamous chef decided to change the way the market viewed the dining experience and now while others are disrespecting the provenence of their product, the impact of their practises on the planet, and the health of their customers he is thriving while sharing with the world sustainable meals that taste downright delicious!

With 12 delicious burgers on offer, catering to vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and carnivores (as well as a range of other dietary requirements), not to mention sides, salads, drinks and desserts the range boasts something no other fast-food outlet can – a menu that is all organic, all sustainable, all ethical and a place that allows its consumers to freeingly know what they have put into their mouths. After hearing all of this I decided to taste test the menu for myself. As a Melbourne local I are always inquisitive as to whether or not the hype is as good as the feeling so I took my foodie friends, MKR’s Demi Kotsoris & Masterchef’s Tamara Graffen, out for a meal at the Richmond eatery and I have to tell you I was delighted with the experience. From the fresh and flavoursome taste to the truly magnificent service there wasn’t a single thing I could fault with my time at Benny Burgers. The amazing staff chatted us through the menu and made sure we were completely across what went in the product and what was coming out to us which made the process of choosing so easy.

If you want convenience that won’t compromise the environment or simply to know exactly where what you’re putting in your mouth has come from then Benny Burger’s is for you! Take a look at the delicious meals we were treated too or better yet head into their Richmond or city stores today and try one of their creations today for yourself. My favourite was the Mr Fun-Gi but I can’t wait to hear what you got yourself…

Photos by Jayden Ostwald.