Tucked away in Melbourne’s newest industrial event space lays a dormant and derelict unused for decades secret city-side warehouse that transformed into an artistic space that played host to  revellers and music lovers alike whom came to see the three time world’s best DJ, Solomun, in action as he played an extended set at his top-secret Melbourne party. The famed underground performer, noted for his illustrious titles which include best International act, producer of the year and multiple others, took to the once desolate concrete jungle which was brought to life by hoards of fans whom enjoyed the the inside steel interior and the open courtyard as the headliner played along some of the best local talent on offer. 

After redefining the European house-music scene, the music giant gathered all his strength and as he took to the Melbourne stage he was ready to take his audience on a wild journey and share his love and passion for music with those in attendance. As he took over the decks the crowd roared and as his set began to sank in it was hard not to bop along and give in to the rhythm that subsequently took over your senses and caused you to dance care-free. Shifting the energy the masterful musician drew from a range of styles and beats as he showcased why he’s regarded as the best in the business.

If you missed out on seeing Solomun live in his Melbourne warehouse party then you truly missed out. I’m not sure when he will be back to wow crowds like he did from start to finish in this tour but here’s hoping it will be sometime soon. Stay up to date with all the action from the Untitled Group to see who they’ll be bringing out next and for now enjoy some of my favourite moments from the incredible day that was.

Photos by Late Night Antics & Untitled Group