Over eight Wednesday nights, the nation’s first museum will be turned inside out in celebration of First Nations, Mardi Gras, science, art, the environment and love, offering a mid-week diversion with a difference. Bringing to life the Australian Museum Culture Up Late is a summer-long season of virtual reality shows, hands-on workshops, live music, special tours, performances and protest that will see a dozen artists, scientists and performers transform the space into an interactive space for the curious of heart and mind. The magically immersive and interactive adults’ program will show the museum in a new light by exploring culture, performance, art, science and storytelling after dark in a setting where guests can truly understand what is happening in the company of other like-minded adults.

Reclaiming the space, while discovering a unique range of thought-provoking and entertaining activities, designed to bring the collections to life guests can be treated to a range of activities including “We Stand Strong”, a night celebrating the indigenous community. Honouring the first nations guests are treated to protest and resilience, with deadly-designed jewellery workshops, a live DJ playing “decolonisation beats” and Change the Date VR rap video. “Anti-Valentine’s Day”, which is an unconventional and uncommercial take on affairs of the heart. With live performances of love songs gone right and wrong, “speed hating” sessions, Voodoo doll workshops, couples’ game shows and the live dissection of a pig’s heart guests are treated to a date with love’s evil cousin. “Turning the Tide” allows guests to join scientists, activists and artists as they explore threats to the world’s oceans and marine life. Discovering how to be part of the solution, through short films, live music and an immersive VR experience of coral bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef guests are propelled into activism as they become future defenders of the sea. “Another View” which is presented as part of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras and explores the venue with a queer eye through LGBTQI cabaret performances, live art and an irreverent “Mating in the Wild” tour of the animal exhibitions.

Whatever the date you choose you are sure to see, do and feel something new in a space created for thought provoking moments. Check out my favourite moments from this season’s Culture Up Late program and if you like what you see you can head down tho Sydney’s Australia Museum and take part yourself in a night you’re not soon going to forget.