With a genuine concern for customers and offering an affordable product without compromising on quality the Elita Essentials team offers a premium range of oils in a range of scents and healing qualities that are sure to help your wellbeing lift it’s game in just seconds and allow you to relax and unwind in true bliss. As the exclusive Australian distributor for the acclaimed Dr Robert Pappas, of the essential oil university, range the Elita team has curated a list of top oils that are 100% pure with nothing ever added and nothing taken away which means you get all of the individual products goodness just as it should be, in it’s raw format!

Boasting 11 fabulous options like Frankinsence Fusion serum, En Garde blend, Pure Balance blend, Boswellia Carterii dry and wet resin powders, Super Al serum, 99% Beta Caryophyllene Isolate and Dr P’s Superbug Outdoor blend the range has something for everyone old and young, man and woman and really works to create more peace, serenity and harmony within the everyday stresses we all have become accustomed too. The responsibly sourced, non tested on animals, pure all natural essential range is now offered to Australian’s for the first time after years of the ingenious doctors work with oils and is really a product that will not only benefit your health but also your life.

If you’re yet to see the incredible range by Elita Essentials then check out the full range on their website, but before you do take a look below as we got a sneak peak (and play) at the full range. My favourite is the Frankinsence serum but I know that after using the full range each of these items will truly help you eat, sleep and live better, healthier and more calming lives!