Opening with a child’s write of passage the unlikely parents of Julia, Kayla & Sam are thrusted together on their girls first day of kindergarten in the magically talented rework of a coming of age story that is Blockers. Whether it was fate that threw them together or their daughters becoming fast friends the unlikely group of parents grow together as their inseparable girls grow into ride-or-die young adults sharing special moments, from birthdays and teen heartaches to first dances and now prom. Fast forwarding to the children being pre-adults we pick up the story a few days before prom with each of the girls, who now represent a fraction of every modern woman, in their quest to make the special night a night they’ll remember forever.

As we learn more about the parents and their styles of raising their teens we are taken on a journey that allows us to relate in some way to each of the families. Single mum Lisa is her daughter Julie’s best friend, or so she’d like to think. As she vicariously lives and accomplishes her life goals through her daughter we see the rebellious teen push her mother further and further away as the film progresses not wanting to be smothered by her un-cool facade. Hard-core athlete and doting dad Mitchell puts in his blood, sweat and tears into rearing soon-to-be athlete Kayla while wife Marcie asserts herself into the bread-winner position proving that what she says goes at every chance she can while keeping her daughter on the “right track” providing Kayla with the perfect excuse to play them off against each other. Dipping in and out of Sam’s life after a messy divorce Hunter plays the cool dad that offers everything she wants, in his own mind anyway, giving her the perfect excuse to play the good girl turned bad.

After sending their teens off to prom and stumbling onto a group-text the girls are having the adults navigate their way through a range of foreign texts, that Generation Y & the millennials are known for. As they decipher their way through compact emojis and adjoining puns the three parents discover their daughters’ pact to lose their virginity at prom and begin to worry about their innocent teens. Not wanting to believe what they think they are reading the three obscure friends launch a covert one-night operation to stop the teens from sealing the deal making the biggest mistake of their lives. As they jump into action the three could never of imagined what would ensue, a wild night of car chases, butt-chugging contests and party crashing before the trio arrive at the hotel where their daughters prove just how adult they can be.

If you’re yet to see the hilarious new film Blockers then don’t wait any longer. While it follows in the footsteps of American Pie & even Porky’s this coming of age story isn’t the slightest bit tacky but allows, maybe for the first time, a female perspective of what the big day is like! Take a look below at some of my favourite scenes from the film that will have you laughing so hard you’ll cry but don’t just take my word for it head along and see the masterpiece for yourself I can assure you you won’t regret it.