They say that when you know better you do better and after hearing that sixty percent of what you put on our skin gets absorbed into your blood stream you can’t help but question what exactly your doing so after I heard Bearskin‘s new range boasts a product free from harsh chemicals, is made cruelty free and is vegan I decided to try them out for myself before shooting on set yesterday with a model friend Bennett Johnson to see if the hype matched what they said! Claiming that they have simple, natural, skincare for men that takes care of your number one asset is big but after trying it for myself I have to say that they’re words the brand really lives up to and I was really surprised at just how good the product felt..

The three part range, consisting of a charcoal face scrub, a cleansing face wash and a revitalising face moisturiser seemed to not only cleanse, hydrate and bring back elasticity while not damage the skin but really did take away all the negatives while enhancing and making thrive all of the positives. Taking away the dead skin and ugly things that clog your pores the ranges natural balance of ingredients not only feels and smells good but actually worked well and after using it both Bennett and I felt happier and healthier, but wait there’s more! The brand has smartly thought about everything and instead of a one-time purchase you can jump on board their bi-monthly subscription and let them handle the rest.

If that wasn’t enough then hopefully this is – the brand is dedicated to providing quality men’s skincare products but also to help our local communities by supporting men’s mental health charities. With 1 in 7 men directly impacted by mental health issues they are actively motivated to help empower, educate, and support men all across Australia – now I know that’s something we can all get behind! By donating $1 from every purchase you can help do the right thing while getting great looking and feeling skin also – so why would you not want to try this out?

If you haven’t seen or used the new Bearskin range then I know you should try it for yourself. Check out how we found using the product below and make sure to jump on their webpage to check out the bi-monthly subscription for yourself .