Before all of the television stars got to sample Dr. Oetker‘s new Ristorante range at this years Logie Awards the brand challenged me to a taste test of the product and if you haven’t ever worked a Logies day preparing the stars to walk the red carpet I’ll tell you first-hand that you are definitely going to work up an appetite! I have to say at first I was a little hesitant, both because I know how hard it is too eat on a day as jam packed as the Logies and because the cliched thoughts of unfulfilling frozen pizzas were running through my mind, but after doing some research about the 120 year old brand I decided to give it a go, no matter how anxious that made me!

Starting with an early morning check that I had everything I may ever need in my kit my team and I went to brief and get breakfast, where today for the first time I told them to save their appetite and eat light, I wanted to know their thoughts on the range too! After arriving and set up our space ready to prepare the actors in the looks that would showcase later in the day we did a final briefing and took our places ready to whip through the hair, makeup and styling that needed to be done. With 10 minutes before people where due to arrive I got my team to pop four different styles of the pizza in the oven and I let the experiment begin.

The hot pizza came out as people started arriving and with a myriad of agents, actors, network executives, family and friends arriving, not to mention my vast team, I thought it may be best to pop the next five in, just incase! With nine flavours and me having a “I can’t choose” brain I decided to get one of each of the flavours anther what people thought! As the crispy-based treats were cut and plated people slowly drifted towards them and snagged themselves a slice. I’ll admit I waited a little bit intentionally, I wanted to hear peoples thoughts and make an educated decision but as people opinions flooded in about the tasty Italian snacks I noticed the first round was finished, I knew I was right to get all nine flavours.

After the second round was plated I decided to sample the goods for myself andI have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t stringy or chewy nor was it sloppy or watery it had that real Italian pizzeria style taste. As I worked finished off a couple more of the looks, and the slices I was really surprised to feel like I wasn’t eating home cooked food. As we finished up the looks and sent the stars on their way I sat down with the team to find out their thoughts, I was nervous as I didn’t think we’d had the time for everyone to try it but as I sat and listened not one person didn’t try a slice and their was no bad feedback, it was tasty, we managed to fit it in easily and it was quick to cook!

Check out my five star day with Dr. Oetker‘s new Ristorante range behind-the-scenes at the 2018 Logie Awards below or better yet head into Coles and Woolworths to try whichever of the nine flavours tickles your fancy for yourself! I can recommend the spinacci and the funghi, they were my favs, and just incase the range also has Gluten Free options to take the hassle out for those of you so inclined!