Today I dressed the incredibly talented Julian Maroun for Foxtel Drama’s season launch where the young actor’s newest show, Fighting Season, was showcased. Put on to celebrate the start of Foxtel Drama’s newest season of shows the launch featured prominent new works and offered a first look at what we would all be watching this Spring/Summer season. 

Julian had decided that for his appearance he would like a sea blue suit and instead of traditionally wearing it, with a tie and pocket square, he would prefer to leave it more casual and wear an open collar. After searching for the perfect suit we came across it at Hallenstein Brothers and after trying it on we realised it ticked all of the boxes. 

If you haven’t yet seen Julian Maroun at this years Foxtel Drama season launch then take a look below at some of my favourite moments from him at the event in his well thought out outfit. 

Photography by Belinda Rolland.