Drawing inspiration from each others brands the new Brixton X Independent Truck Company capsule collaboration inspires a new legion of fans to own a piece of iconic and creative memorabilia that is sure to have heads turning no matter where it’s worn! “Friendly Union” brings Indy’s skate appeal to the masses with Brixton’s street appeal and timeless aesthetic and as you look through each artistically created piece in the range it’s hard to see why this collab didn’t happen sooner than it did. Each of the masterfully crafted pieces is designed dually by both brands and features iconic motif’s that compliment one another’s legacy in homage to each others design capabilities and their street-focussed branding which leaves fans with pieces of art they can wear, love and treasure for many moons to come.

The collection features apparel pieces and accessories, including headwear, that features artistically driven iconic slogans from both brands and mashes them together seamlessly in pieces any street kid would want. From jumpsuits and jackets to hats and bags this collection offers a unique look at what happens when skate meets fashion and after seeing the range for myself I can tell you it goes above any beyond the mark of style. With two loyally devoted cults behind them this collection further helps drive the art x fashion movement and strengthens the idea that together we are better than apart!

If you’re yet to see the wonderfully thoughtful collection Brixton and the Independent Truck Company have collaborated on then take a look below at some of my favourite pieces from the capsule range or better yet jump online or head into store to see the full range now and get a little piece of what is sure to be nostalgic memorabilia you don’t want to have missed out on.