Allowing a look back in time to a musical movement from Kingston, Jamaica that swept the globe with it’s hippie-esque tone and unique take on culture global accessories and fashion brand Brixton have this season taken inspiration from the Dancehall revolution and used it as their muse for their now available AW19 collection. With it’s relaxed island vibes and speeches of peace and prosperity the movement gained traction as internationally known musicians took notice and spread their message of love, hope and unity and as bands like The Clash, Blondie and Pantera not only spread their music but their way of life, and their uniquely eclectic fashions the world listened and a new style was born. With colourful pops and exquisitely intricate patterns the collection really does take you back to the hey day of Dancehall and with the ever growing trend of a nod to nostalgia this diverse men and womens range hit’s the nail on the head for style trends and pieces you can’t help but covet!

Working in a fresh mix of classic silhouettes updated with modern fits and styling the extensive range has something for everyone. From comfort steady pants to easygoing lightweight jackets the pieces are sure to fit into your wardrobe no matter you style and with a range of updates I’m sure you’ll find everything you never new you wanted but now need in this creative and well-developed collection that defines a cult and explores a new way of looking at an iconic period. Faded indigo denims play alongside plaid chino’s and co-ord sets while fleece, wovens and knits in bright colours and bold patterns highlight the ranges versatility. Party-shirts are in full swing and a range of un-tailored yet detailed side bags make for the perfect accessory for the upcoming season. A range of new headwear is on offer too from their timeless cut & sew caps to buckets and brims and even beanies in seasonal colour and materials the collection extensively makes sure you have everything you need to survive the Autumn-Winter ahead. 

If you haven’t yet seen the immensely popular new A/W19 collection by Brixton then take a look below at some of my favourite looks and pieces from their collection and do yourself a favour and get into store and online and buy your favourite pieces now. From top to bottom they have you covered for some of the freshest looks this side of Kingston – you can thanks later for the heads up!