Summer is synonomous with the world fun. Bright coloured, bold and more vibrant wardrobe choices line the streets as people begin to spend more time out than in at dinners, parties, festivals and work but accesorising both in the male and female world is where the real fashionistas succeed. The shoes, glasses, jewellery and bags make the outfit and in the modern dapper man’s world this is the case to. On the pulse American tremnd setters Souther Scholar have succeeded with their smartly designed new gentleman’s sock range. After firmly establishing itself globally men’s styling is a must do for gents everywhere and the range gives men of all styles a spirited sock choice for all occasions.

The perfect balance between eye-catching colours and sophistication the range allows you to either purchase an amount of pairs at one time or leave the styling up to the masters and join their club where a pair of socks gets delivered straight to your door each and every month saving you time and effort plus keeping you looking and feeling your best. The brand has even started the brilliant innitiative of style cards that come with every pair of sock and give you tips on what colour suits and shoes to pair your new purchases with with and how to work them into your wardrobe.

If you haven’t yet seen the very dapper Southern Scholar summer range for yourself then take a look below at some of my favourite styles from this season and don’t forget to take a look at their website to keep yourself looking stylish!