In true German tradition Melbourne’s own Market Lane resident Hofbrauhaus celebrated it’s half century with a bang last night. Offering guests a look into the best of their homelands traditions the iconic venue offered a variety of lunch and dinner sittings that celebrated their 50 years in the worlds food capital while also remembering their mother country with traditional foods, music, dancing and of course beer. The Hofbrauhaus or German beer restaurant is the oldest outside of Germany and it definitely lived up to its name while celebrating its successes. 

I decided to head in myself to experience the food, art and culture of the beloved country myself and I have to say the party was one that seemed like it never wanted to end. Starting with a traditional Bavarian beer (and yes it’s all they serve) we were taken from the downstairs den to an upstairs eatery that showcased the best of both the Melbourne food scene and the rich German history it’s peers are synonymous with. Adorned with beautiful artworks and rich woods the hall was setup in old-school style fit to house the hungry mouths that flocked to the venue to celebrate it’s big night. 

We were immediately treated to a traditional warm pretzel and taken through the menu which included traditional eats, like bratwurst and schnitzel, as well as an updated meal-list for dietary requirements, it is Melbourne after all. After ordering, and a sneaky shot of Jager-esque liquor, it was time for the band to start and so to the party. Joined by traditional dancers in full lederhosen the band played through a mix of Bavarian music and as dinner after dinner hit the table it was nice to see just how much people enjoyed the surrounding they were in really taking in the rich culture. As the night rolled on, so did the flow of beers and as the eaten dinners were taken away and the band finished a more modern style of music took over the dance floor which then turned into a place revellers could party and in true German tradition enjoy the night until the early morning hours.

If you haven’t yet visited the Hofbrauhaus then you are truly missing out! After a night out their I can assure you its a rich piece of both German and Melbourne history you don’t want to have not seen. You can pre-book a table or even walk in and grab a meal or beer any night of the week and I can’t tell you just how amazing both the service and the food was. So what are you waiting for? Until you get there take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the night that was, I can’t wait to hear about your stories from visiting the hall…