Designed and formulated to offer a stylistic, fresh approach to the world of facial haircare Milkman Grooming Co. creates products for the modern man who likes to pay attention to his physical appearance. Whether you shave, grow a beard or sport a moustach it’s always been the companys obsession to make products you can’t live without. Through intricate combinations of botanical oils, top shelf raw materials and carefully formulated scents the brand has created products that are good for you and the environment alike but it’s newest product the Ten Trees Beard oil is creating waves for all the right reasons.

The brand’s newest product has partnered with BeardOn in an effort to conserve and give back with funds from each sale of the supremely curated product being donated to plant 10 native trees back into the wild. Keeping inline with their giving nature the oils packaging is also from recycled goods that have been cleaned, scrubbed and given a green and white duotone print. The product even features Australian certified organic base oils that have been produced sustainably without pesticides, herbicides and GMO’s and to top it off the sandalwood oil, buddhawood oil and lemon mertyl oil that give the product it’s fragrance are all home grown.

If you’re yet to try out Milkman Grooming Co. then never fear as they have a range of products to suit any mans lifestyle. Take a look below at some of my favourite pieces from their range. Don’t forget to do your bit for the environment and get yourself or a man you love a gift that gives back with the brand’s new Beard Oil.