When you think of the word icon you think of people who changed the way we see the world in whatever field they’re in and when it comes to music this is not more truer for anyone than Fleetwood Mac, an undefinable force of nature the resulted in music that plays the soundtrack to most of our lives! Redefining genres, creating vast amounts of globally recognised hits and spanning the test of time are just some of the feats this oddly placed musical group has undertaken and even though the band has had it’s fair-share of line-up controversy the additions of Crowded House’s Neil Finn and Tom Petty & The Heartbreaker’s Mike Campbell last night proved to be a winning formula as the truly must-see band took to the stage in it’s return to Australia tour. 

From the start of the show it was clear – the band had only one mission – to reminisce and take the crowd on a journey back through some of its favourite moments. Playing hit after hit the crowd couldn’t help but sing and dance along as the eclectically wild musicians offered a soulful recantation of historic musical offerings and from Dreams and Gypsy to Landslide and Little Lies there was no chance the band was going to let it’s fans down. My favourite highlight was when Stevie joined Neil for an epic duet of the infamous Crowded House song Don’t Dream It’s Over and as each complimented each other and the crowd whom old and new had supported them for over four decades it was clear that although the journey down under was long it was one they thoroughly enjoyed.

If you didn’t get the chance to check out Fleetwood Mac live for yourself then you will have to wait until the next time the incredible band tours but until then take a look at some of my favourite moments from their first night in Sydney below!