With the year of the dog fast approaching and good fortune in the year Palace Cinema‘s Central Park Mall location decided to throw a bargain our way with all movies just $8 for 8 exciting days to help celebrate the Chinese New Year. The cinema gave me the challenge of seeing a movie with a friend and reporting back to them on my experience and I have to tell you for a night out I don’t think there’s many better options. We were given $100 and the chance to see any movie, we of course picked the wildly popular Black Panther, and challenged ourselves to see just how far the money would take us. After exploring the venue itself and putting some ideas together we came up with a plan of attack and hoped that our night would pan out well, but what happened at the end we’d never expect.

After learning that the restaurant and eateries were adjoined to the theatre, meaning our gift card could be used there, our first stop was sitting in front of the cafe space for a light meal allowing for a quick 30 minute catchup and pre-movie snack plan to be devised. We tried the green platter filled with fresh hummus, dolmades, artichokes and tamari almonds which helped elevate my hunger pains and allow me some time to think about what I wanted to eat in the theatre. We moved to the candy stand, movie ready and began to order, first the movie essentials a large popcorn, a coke each – large of course and yes mine was diet, a box of maltesers to mix in the popcorn, yep I swear its a thing, and then some new favourites, a beer for the trip & a mini choc top platter to end the night with. While we walked away, bulging with food and drinks, I wondered how much we had just spent but I didn’t have time to think about it as we were about to miss the movie and I was having none of that!

Moving into the theatre my major worry was not having enough space, especially with all this food we’d just bought, but as we settled into our lusciously comfortable chairs I learnt that that would be the least of our worries, there was miles of space for everyone it seemed and as we positioned ourself ready for the movie, popcorn in hand the room went dark. As the picture played I began to think about just how homely I felt, imagining the intimacy of a date here or even the feeling of a parent finally at peace from the kids as they enjoyed a thrilling time at the cinemas and wondered how far $100 would get them. After the thrilling final scenes I decided on a beer before we left, letting the crowd of movie-goers leave before we decided to. As I went to the bar I decided to try the card one last time incase, fully prepared to pay but surprisingly the card had enough to buy the beers and an ice cream each, finishing off our night in style and all for what some people would spend on a fancy dinner.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to visit the stunningly decadent Palace Cinemas in Central Park Mall then I highly recommend it. Whether you’re on a date night or a night out with the kids seeing a movie with friends or just enjoying an indulgent moment alone the theatre has something for everyone to enjoy and at every price point. Celebrate your own Chinese New Year and get in for the 8 days of $8 films now as they won’t last forever and if you’re after some advice Black Panther deserved the rave reviews!!