Last night I was treated to one hell of a pre-party as the Optus & Live Nation teams brought to life a money can’t buy experience for some of Australia’s most recognisable faces, bloggers and music lovers. With Maroon 5 in town the teams joined forces to showcase the beautiful city and treat guests as they awaited their arrival at Judos Bank Arena. As guests congregated at Wharf 6 it was clear that we were going on a boat journey but as the decadently opulent Quantam super-yacht pulled into the dock no one could believe their eyes. After finding out that was our ride we were taken down the ramp and made our way onto the masterfully crafted machine we were greeted with an array of food and drinks as well as our private DJ for a trip around the iconic harbour!

After setting sail I decided to take a look around the two story, twenty million dollar a night, luxurious floating hotel and I can definitely see its appeal. Every need was taken care of morning to night and from the bridge to the rest rooms every single detail was thought of, polished and kept in immaculate condition! While the smell of champagne being poured and people brunching on hourderves filled the air the pop inspired DJ played behind us as we settled on the front outdoor area to take in the stunning views of Sydney Harbour and as it past the bridge, opera house and a range of other quaint and colourful locations that call the seaside town home you couldn’t help but be drawn in to the stunning city. After seeing the sights and docking in a secret location we were then taken to our private limousines that were waiting to drop us off at the arena where as we entered the band was just taking to the stage!

If you missed it on my insta stories then take a look at my night at Live Nation X Optus’ Maroon 5 Green Room with images of my favourite moments from the night that was. 

Picturess By Leila Joy.