With clothing after-care trending globally, there is clearly something to be said for inventions that help us get long-levity out of our investments in fashion and last week I put this to the test during one of the busiest weeks in my calendar – Sydney Fashion Week – as I test-ran the new invention by Sydney local, Luke Dutton, who’s forward thinking is sure to help men and women alike save time, money and sanity! Lightweight in its approach and design, The OriginalCOAT is a 28gram portable coat hanger that sits in your pocket and aims to eliminate the chance of creases, and simultaneously, the unnecessary hanging “clothes/bag chair” that we all face day to day. Whether heading to or from work, a coffee, the gym or any other occasion we all at some point have taken our jackets off and found no where to hang them, well no more is this an issue. 

After receiving my 3 hangers pre-fashion week I decided to test run the product before we were knee deep in shows and I have to tell you I was so impressed by the function of the product it became my favourite accessory of the week very quickly, in fact I think I took my jacket off or hung my bag just so people could ask about the intricately designed product for themselves. I chose to swap up the colours day to day and used it to help me change between shows as well as hang my clothes and bags, hats and a range of accessories when necessary and I can’t tell you how much easier it made my life. From the train rides to Redfern station pre-show to Ubers across the city for afterparties and dinners around the vast Sydney area I found myself constantly using the product to save myself from getting creased jackets and I couldn’t help but tell people of how I found the product and why I used it to which I constantly heard “that’s genius” and they weren’t far wrong! The unit holds up to 2kgs of weight and uses a suction like technique against any non-porous surface to hold tight your garment which allows you to freely move around saving you from excess sweating, nasty and unwanted creases and frees up your hands so that you can get more out of your day, which we all need. 

If you’re yet to see the magical invention that is The Original COAT then look no further as I have below a BTS look at how I used the product in my week long trial. Don’t be scared to use yours for your jackets, or hats or even your bags, this handy little helper is the perfect accessory and I tell you honestly you won’t find me without mine from now on. Check them out below or the brands website now for your very own!