With a multitude of hits under his belt Robbie Williams joins the beloved Australian festival A Day on the Green which fuses together great music, and the musicians behind them, and superbly stunning winery venues. The multi world record holder and critically acclaimed music Hall of Fame-r finally returned to our shores last night and brings with him his Heavy Entertainment Show jam packed with iconic hits, sweet moments and a duet that has to be seen to be believed. We all know the British bad-boy for a vast amount of reasons but from Take That to his solo career the musical genius had fans of all ages up and dancing all night long at Rochford Winery as they basked in the greatness of one of the greatest ever musical story tellers to live.

Playing to a sold out crowd is something I know he is use to as his charisma and charm seem to draw you in and as he began to play with to the vast amount of fans present and Let Me Entertain You began to start you feel a magical rush equivalent to getting on a rollercoaster bound for a journey you’ll never want to forget. Moving through his show we are treated to works of old and new, given moments to dance and laugh, hug and cry and blissfully we are transported to a time of old where these songs played an important moment for us and allowed a new look at them and through their craftsman who talked about how each one came to fruition. Toying with the crowd he plays Rudebox, a cult classic, before bringing out a surprise guest, his father who offers a duet of Sweet Caroline that had everyone singing along in a transcendental moment that was almost too good to be true. As he finished off his set list, and sang to a lucky fan on stage, we were left hungering for more and as he thanked everyone for their years of support and for coming out to see him I was taken back at just how good the seasoned professional was.

If you’re yet to see Robbie Williams in his A Day on the Green performances then be sure to do whatever you can to get their I promise you he’s worth it! Don’t miss the chance to see a legend at work and see for yourself just why people all over are raving about his immaculate renditions of his iconic tunes. Take a look below at some of my favourite moments from his Rochford Winery show and hopefully I’ll see you at his next show!