With the sun in full force and the sounds of the ocean in the background yesterday I was invited to head down to the stunning Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel to enjoy the morning with Smirnoff as they showcased their new low ABV alcohol “Smirnoff Infusions”. Taking us through our places the brand set out a pre-drink plan of yoga with master yoga teacher Amy Geebefore letting us taste test the new product in some delectable cocktails for ourselves and I have to say it will make a great addition to my summer drinks of choice!

With the day-drinker in mind the brand has come up with an innovative and delicious new low-calorie, low ABV spirit that both quenches the thirst of those who want to drink and not get drunk as well as those who want to sip something alcoholic during the day and not feel the full harsh effects of alcohol through the night! The two new flavours are easily ready to drink but can also be made into delicious summer inspired cocktails and with their heavenly flavour and easy-to-drink ways I know these will be a summer hit!

If you didn’t get the chance to see the new drink on my instagram the other day then check out my day with Smirnoff’s new Infusion range below for yourself, or check it out as you sip your way through to the warmer months ahead!