Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting the first collection by womens activewear brand You Do You. The eight-part capsule collection offers women a new range of leggings that are perfect for working out in and come in a range of great colours. Wanting to show the versatility in the brand I travelled with the model, Ariana, up to Geelong to spend a day by the beach, inside the stunning Botanical gardens and at an outdoor gym, amongst other locations, to put the leggings to work and capture some great moments that showcase the designs while learning about the feel and movement of the product itself. As the day progressed and we worked through the initial part of the morning we both had a feel for the product and how it would move/work through the photos so we decided to start shooting some lifestyle typed imagery that you will see throughout their first ever campaign.

Boasting a light-weight feel that is smooth to walk, run and train in I wanted to capture the brand as if the everyday woman would use it. Juggling a busy work schedule, training routine and social life is what most women go through so I want to showcase that the product easily fits into your life no matter what it is you’re doing. While active wear is a huge market I wanted to show that it both looked good and was practical so I challenged the model to a three-part shoot that would highlight different areas of the product. Beginning at Eastern Beach I challenged Ariana to first run in the product up and down stairs so we could capture the movement for those women whom wear active-wear to get to and from work, appointments or even day-to-day errands before moving on to a walk along the beach and then a rest on the pier while taking in the serenity of the location, pleasingly she did it with ease. Moving onto our new location, inside the gardens, I wanted to showcase the everyday wear of the product for those whom wear active wear while being social. Walking through the peaceful bushes and relaxing by the flowers, sitting in the parklands and strolling to and from lunch allowed me to show the product in a new, more fashionable light, one that most women are now accustomed too. As we took a break for lunch I asked Ariana about the fit and feel and as she told me about how comfortable and free she felt in the product I became excited to really put them to the test in the last part of our day, the outdoor gym by the sea. As we arrived to our third set I walked through each different part of the gym and explained what I’d like her to reenact so we could showcase the product to the woman who wears active wear to train. Working her way through each discipline in the gym we managed to capture the product easily while showing how it moulds to the body and allows for easy strong movements that aren’t restrictive, we even managed to capture the pre and post workout stretches and a short jump-rope session on the pier itself.

If you haven’t yet seen the You Do You imagery then I have a sneak peak for you below! Check out this new product on their social channels and I urge you to try a pair of this fantastic fashion-forward advance activewear for yourself, from what Ariana tells me it’s worth every dollar. The chic modern designs and  easy to pair colours worked wonderfully in this shoot and I can’t wait to share more of the shots with you soon on my and their social channels, keep your eyes peeled!!

Photos by Jamie Azzopardi.