In light of releasing their fourth studio album, Delta, the news that the UK folk-pop quartet Mumford & Sons would be making their way back down-under filled fans with joy and as a multitude of their dates began to sell out, it was clear that this was a show you didn’t want to miss out on seeing! Incase you’d never seen the quirkily charismatic band before they are known for their high-intensity, their love for their fans and their unique musicality which showcases throughout their shows and throughout their music, which incase you’ve been living under a rock is iconic to say the least.

After gifted English soul man Michael Kiwanuka and rising Australian indie pop star Gretta Ray finished playing their soulful sets the scores of fans anticipation rose and the crowd began to form just as the band walked to the middle of the grounds and perched themselves on an interim stage so that everyone could see and with the strum of a guitar Little Lion Man began to play as did the wild roar of fans singing along. It wasn’t long before the band was back on stage and working their way through their catalogue of hits, and even a sneaky duet with Gretta Ray herself, before lead singer Marcus took it upon himself to wonder into the crowd and celebrate the bands now 12 years of successful music, much to the delight of those fans in general admission who got to see the legend up close and personal. As the double encore rolled out the band came to its final songs and almost in unison the roaring crowd helped the band play through The Cave and I Will Wait as they danced along to the mammoth hits before the band took its final cues, thanked their fans and headed off.

If you missed out on seeing Mumford & Sons on this tour then I can’t tell you how much you should never let it happen again! They are truly regarded as elite musicians for a reason and their interactive and sing-along-encourage show is really second to none! Take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the show and do yourself a favour, when they are next out here – don’t miss them!