As the war rages on from Northern California Fox’s War for the Planet of the Apes takes us right back to where we left off, only this time theres a new ape in charge who has taken the place of the mighty Koba in hopes to lead all apes to victory amongst the ever-ready human survivors that are slowly and surely closing in. The third installment of the climactic trilogy introduces us to new and exciting characters, but more tells us the story of a rogue, human-first leader Colonel J. Wesley McCullough (Woody Harrelson) whos obsession to take on new ape leader, Ceasar, (Andy Serkis) and eliminate the apes once and for all blinds his vision of anything else.

We open to find an army of soldiers finally finding the ape frontline and as they start to attack you get a sense that the end of the war is near. Tired and weary yet hungry for victory both sides seem ready to fight to defend their genus. As the initial battle draws to a close and the humans are pushed back the apes take four humans captive and after deep deliberation the four are spared, sent back to their war camp as a simple message “don’t return”.  In this ultimate winner-takes-all scenario both sides have to secure themselves and with the traitors sent packing we are introduced to Ceasar’s family and given our first glimpse at the real camp grounds of the apes.

With trouble brewing and traitors on both sides the war rages on and in a swift tactical move the Colonel sets out to kill the new ape king but instead does the unthinkable. With rage in Ceasar’s eyes he can not conciously let the humans get away with their crimes and decides to move the apes to a new location while taking a small army to fight against the humans themselves. The journey is long and filled with tence moments like the meeting of new friends Nova (Amiah Miller) Bad Ape (Steve Zhan) who join the apes in the hopes to defeat the humans by making it to the “human zoo” and returning with the blood of the Colonel. In the blind vision of killing the apes are caught and it’s left to Ceasar’s small group of friends to save him and his people.

If you’re yet to see Fox’s masterpiece War for the Planet of the Apes and see why it’s being heralded as a Box Office Smash then never fear as I have a first look at some of my favourite moments from the film below. Luckily for you fans of the film it is now open globally and available in cinemas all over the country. Make sure you head along and see once and for all who will be victorious.

Pictures by Twentieth Century Fox.