Bringing its exciting Cantonese concept to the stunning northern-beaches seaside Patrick Friesen and Eric Koh will open the doors to Merivale’s newest must-see venue Queen Chow at Manly’s Wharf today! Serving up a flavour-packed menu of traditional eats and diverse dim-sum the restaurant offers classic Cantonese neighbourhood foods made from great fresh Australian produce. Much like it’s Enmore predecessor the Manly location is inspired by the way that the Chinese-born cooking style is recreated globally and the pair hope to add to the ever evolving mosaic of what it is today by bringing their unique and delicious eats to a table near you.

From flavoursome appetisers to delicious cocktails, and everything in between, the restaurant offers something for everyone with food and drink options that will have you craving more. Handmade wonton soup, oysters with native finger lime and BBQ Peking duck pancake with cucumber, leek or hoisin are sure to set your meal off right before taking in some of Australia’s finest mud crab, lobsters and pippies , wok fried with XO or Singapore’s black pepper sauce. Favourites like platters of roast duck and honey glazed char siu pork will play alongside sticky honey king prawns, Mongolian lamb sang choi bar and deep-fried ice-cream with butterscotch sauce in an effort to embrace the nostalgia of local Chinese restaurants that dot our landscape, evoking rich food memories while offering a beachside sensibility and plenty of Australian seafood.

I know you haven’t yet seen the elegant but casual space drenched in natural sunlight that Queen Chow Manly will now call home but I urge you to get to it and see the delightful new restaurant for yourself. Besides the stunning harbour views, the delightful eats, including the expertly crafted dim-sum, and the signature cocktails and wines the place will give you no option but to want to sit there for hours devouring some of Sydney’s finest food, and why would you not?