Since the modern resurgence of the beard men everywhere have had one issue, shaving. While the beard looks cool and is fashionably on-trend the struggle to have even coverage that doesn’t dread together can be a worry that turns into a very harsh reality, especially when having to constantly do the upkeep. www.milkmanaustralia.comMilkman Grooming Co have devoted their brand to making sure men everywhere don’t have these issues and with their new product, the beardometer, the ground-breaking label is making sure men have the tools they need to keep themselves fresh, looking good and comfortable all day, every day.

Compatible with razors and electric trimmers this clever new invention allows you to eliminate areas of sparse hair around the cheeks and neckline creating a margin of dense hair that makes your beard look thicker while keeping the beard neater and nattier. The 2-in-1 handy comb comes with different gauges to help with whatever size beard you may have or want and even comes with a cleaning brush to help keep your trimmer clean at all times. Small enough to fit straight into your toiletry bag this trailblazing new product works on a simple indent system that aligns with your ear to insure you get a clean line every time keeping you ready for whatever your day brings.

If you’re yet to see the Beardometer then check it and the brilliant range from Milkman Grooming Co out now. With Christmas just around the corner the brands new collection is the perfect present for the men in your life, and with it’s ultra affordable range you’ll be able to grab him a few necessities or even one of their curated advanced beard care kits at a stellar price!