Luxury European sound specialists Focal and Naim unveiled their latest technology last night at an event that showcased just why this leader in music technology is at the top of its game. Combining meticulous design features with the purest of sound quality the brands offered a first-look at the future of luxury home and personal solutions and after seeing the collection for myself I can say the now released products are set to have your ears hearing everything in a brand new way!

Known for being the selected audio solutions for leading sound studios, recording artists, DJs, luxury homes and luxury European cars such as Bentley and Peugeot the highly anticipated new collections of work were nothing short of breathtaking. The 13 new pieces, ranging from loudspeakers to headphones and all-in-one players to accessories, the collection has it all and the luxurious items are set to revolutionise the way you hear the things you love to listen too.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be at the Focal and Naim reloaded launch party then take a look below at some of my favourite moments from the night, and check them out online where you can find the full new collection available to try for yourself!