Yesterday I got to spend the day with the Fashion Arts students at Box Hill Institute and learn about just why their course is considered one of the best in the country and I have to tell you after seeing their delightfully quaint campus and facilities for myself it was clear to see just why they are at the top of their game! Offering a holistic approach to the creative industry the school teaches courses that cover all of the essential skill sets required for you to work in the creative field and from textiles and photography to event preparation and garment construction they have every tool you need to succeed, no matter what direction you decide to take. 

With a progressive range of courses, from certificates to bachelors, you can start at a level that suits you and work your way through their arts, fashion design, fashion merchandising, fashion photography, floristry, graphic design, interior decoration, visual merchandising, interior design or visual arts courses, while you develop your full creative potential and take advantage of an unparalleled combination of applied learning with a strong focus on nurturing creativity and innovation.

As I worked my way through each of the classrooms in the design hub it was easy to see the integration of art and the integral role it plays in all of our lives all over the place and with state of the art machinery, like their photography equipment and studio, graphic design space, floristry rooms, construction tables, sewing machines and contracting mannequins you’re set up to soar as high as your potential can take you right from day one, and that continues long after you finish. Whether you’re a student past or present the schools approach to actively helping you succeed, no matter what field you eventually decide to move into, far surpasses that of any of it’s competition and it’s eagerness to help you gain experience through it’s community ties only benefits the students, both normal and mature aged, longevity in the industry and with programs like their post-course “help” why would you ever want to even consider any other option?

Take a look at my day at Box Hill Institute‘s arts facilities with the next-gen of creatives below and if you’re thinking about studying in the arts sector then rest assured this is the best place for you! I can’t wait to show you more from the creatives schools adventures later in the year through their variety of exhibitions and showcases including their graduate years fashion week show!

Pictures by Ben Jones Photography.