After a huge few weeks of travelling and working yesterday I got to spend the morning pampering myself as I tried out the new range of mens beauty products by Skin Republic. It’s not very often that I get the morning off to pamper myself so I called in the professional, a model friend of mine – Liam Boswell- to help me understand just how this product feels in comparison to every other day he gets pampered before a shoot and to get a second opinion on the product itself! Having been sent the complete range, including their new facial scrub with charcoal, energising face mask sheet and anti-fatigue under eye patches with charcoal, we decided to test out each of the products individually and rate them compared to previous treatments we’d had.

Deciding it was best to cleanse our faces we started with the face scrub that not only gently exfoliates and removes dead skin but also softens the skin. As we applied it to our faces and left it to sit I immediately could feel the natural acids work and as it pulled the dirt and oils from my pores I began to feel fresher and lighter in the face. The charcoal was smooth and went on easily leaving a residue that allowed me to see where I had already “scrubbed” and after a thorough clean I was left feeling brand new, so it was time to get my face looking brand new as well as feeling it! The energising face mask was next on our list and immediately after putting it on I could tell that this was going to be my favourite of the day. Although it was a little gooey to put on I can tell you first hand it was worth it. As it delivered an energising boost to my skin I could feel my face slowly tightening and once I’d taken the sheet off it was clear to see the fine lines were smoothed out and I again appeared fresher and more radiant than before. Once my face had been taken care of it was time to finish with the problem area. For those of you whom know me well you’ll know I don’t get enough sleep (I mean what creative does) so my under-eyes are my weak point when it comes to my beauty regime but after testing out these fatigued battling mini-masks I can tell you it’s a product I’ll be using more often! The intensive treatment is designed to refresh tired looking eyes and as the caffeine seeps in it’s designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. The hydrating pads applied easily and as I let them seep in I could feel my eyes rejoice as they felt as though they were being massaged by watery angels. After taking them off I instantaneously saw the difference with a tighter less puffier space that was smoother than I think I’ve ever seen it.

Gents, if you haven’t yet tried the new mens grooming range by Skin Republic then I urge you too! I know it can seem daunting but let’s face it it’s the 21st century and who doesn’t want to look their best as they face the immensity of our worlds? The three part collection gets a big thumbs up for me and I think every man should treat themselves to the little slice of heaven that this great product supplies. Ladies, do the men in your life a favour and get them this for the holidays, they work as the perfect stocking stuffers individually and a great present together, I promise they’ll thank you for it… eventually, and why not treat yourself while you’re there with the full range of womens grooming products…

Photos by Jayden Ostwald.