After making my way through the busy CBD district of Sydney last night I arrived at a secret alleyway where I entered a door marked G in hopes that I’d made it to my “dinner in the dark” to help mark the arrival of the Google Pixel‘s newest function – “night sight”. The bustling streets around me adorned with people all trying to make there way home grew intensely and as I entered the space I was treated to an instagrammers heaven with a illuminated room filled with picturesque opportunities.

After initially taking the time to get some pictures I was ushered upstairs, where the real fun was, to a dining hall that was dimly lit. Amongst the quaint bar space was an arrangement of dinner platters fit for a king and as we made our way through to the delectable eats and drinks we were challenged to use the new function to capture imagery and see first hand how the night sight function elevates an image above any other brand. Having taken images myself on the camera I can say wholeheartedly the capture on the images versus an iPhone or Android is far superior and for someone who lives and breathes imagery it’s professional imagery made it the only choice for me!

If you’re yet to see the new Google Pixel 3 or they the night-sight function for yourself then I urge you to go and see it and try it for yourself, I promise you won’t be disappointed! You’ll most likely walk out with a new phone, but until then take a look below at my night with my Google family below.