Showing us how the real divas do it Dionne Warwick took to the stage last night and before even starting her set she had the crowds in fits of laughter. After explaining that she’d planned to come out and give us a performance where she moved around the stage and wore a fancy pair of heels she wasn’t feeling up to it so instead she adorned a pair of slippers and vowed to start a petition where the men whom created the “stunning heels” would be forced to wear their creations as punishment for her pain. After the crowds applause the septuagenerian took seat and began to show the crowd just why she has lasted in music as long as she has with a medley of her hits spanning decades.

Known for her ballads and a range of music from jingles to covers of iconic classics the truly masterful songstress worked the crowd and encouraged us to sing along with her as she played hit after hit (in English, French and Spanish/Portugese) and by the time she’d worked through a small portion of her work you couldn’t help but join in with the crowd and belt out a classic or two. Taking a short break to talk about her inspirations, including her infamous niece Whitney, she started back by introducing us to her multi talented family, her son on drums and backing vocals – who dusted a special rendition of an old favourite with her before she introduced her granddaughter whom sang with her until the end of the show.

If you missed Dionne Warwick’s incredible show last night then do whatever you can to go and see her on the remainder of her tour. The living legend made you laugh, dance and sing along with joy as we together took a trip down memory lane and I can assure you she proves that she still is every bit the talented musician she was in her peak and then some.